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nutritional supplement supportWe offer a full range of nutrition and supplements to aid in healing. Use the form below to ask questions about or to order specific supplements, if we do not carry them in-stock, we can get them.

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Available For Purchase at Body Affects

Rice (hot/cold) bags
Hand-made rice bags, can be used for heat or cold. Sizes vary from pocket to full back. 

Stretch Straps
Multi handled straps used for stretching.

Cold or Hot Cryoderm relief, topical ointment used for pain relief.

Cold or Hot Sombra, topical cream used for pain relief.

Neck Posture Pump
Gentle neck traction unit for home use.

Reclaimed Copper Bracelets
Reclaimed copper cast in small batches made into bracelets. Made locally in Loveland.

Silk Eco Prints
Hand-made eco prints using a variety of plants and natural materials on silk. Framed with reclaimed copper. Made locally in Loveland.

Ear candles
Just the ear candles to do it yourself.
$25.00 (pack of 2)




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Julie Smith - Body Affects


Conquer Foot Pain, by Julie Smith

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