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Julie Smithbody affects200Julie Smith is the owner and physical therapist for Body Affects. She has been a Integrated Therapist for over 22 years. She is interested in pain mechanisms and reprogramming the body. She specializes in pain relief, helping people work through injuries, pain, and discomfort. She teaches you the tools needed to take control of your pain/issue and take back your life.

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Cory Tipton - Healing Potential (Denver)

Cory Tipton -  - Healing Potential (Denver)HealingPotential200Since I was a child, I always knew there was another side to me. I have always had a desire to help people feel better and heal. However, like many of us, I found myself caught-up in our fast paced world with modern cultural expectations that do not define a role for the healing arts.

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Cory Tipton - Healing Potential

Julie Smith - Body Affects


Conquer Foot Pain, by Julie Smith

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